Our Mission

As the core Mission, the Academy is committed to develop socially conscious leaders of the future, in a safe learning environment where students can take risks, achieve academic success, and demonstrate social responsibility.  Staff will implement a rigorous, standards-based curriculum with a community service component. This will empower students to develop their role in society.

Our Equity Goal

As a community of diverse learners, MS 363 will foster a culture of open-mindedness, compassion and inclusiveness. MS 363 will create and maintain equal opportunities for engagement, education and discourse related to issues of equity, diversity and inclusion for all stakeholders. Through collaborative discussion, students and staff will experience a safe environment in which they can develop their voices to address current social justice issues.

Our Vision

The Vision of The Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence is to improve student performance so that students will positively impact the community through leadership, respect, and responsibility.  The students will acquire the tools they need to develop their highest intellectual, social and personal potential.